Yay Welcome!!

Not really sure what I’m welcoming you to… is it a blog or a website or just a place for me to let loose and maybe offer you some encouragement that you’re not alone, that we’re all just winging it in this wonderful journey called parenthood!? Maybe I’ll be able to offer you some guidance on things I do that have helped me along the way, that have helped keep me sane, that has helped me rediscover who I am and what I want outside of parenthood. Possibly you’re here for some inspiration on activities for the little humans that somehow seem to never need sleep and are always raring to go, dancing to Power rangers theme songs on Alexa at 6.30am or outdoors doing the ‘farming’ as soon as it gets bright, or constantly organising birthday parties every other day just so they can bake cakes and lick the bowls after!? Whatever you’re here for, thank you! This is something I’ve thought about for many years now so I finally bit the bullet tonight and bought my domain name while sitting snuggled on my sofa with my cat Willow. Sometimes we just get an urge or a gut instinct and we have to just go for it because if we allow our brains to think about it, we talk ourselves out of it. Can you relate? I have always been so passionate about helping people and about children so I’m hoping that this page will be a way of combining both passions while creating a space for other mums like me to feel encouraged, uplifted and supported. My goal is to provide you with some tools to help you in life and in motherhood so if there’s anything you’d love to see more of or find out more about please feel free to send me a message . Thanks for your support and if you get value I’d love if you could share this page with some of your other mum friends. Much love Sarah x

My 3 Boys (Aaron 5 Jamie 2 Caolan 4)

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I’m a country girl and a home bird. When I was younger I spent so much time up that hill behind us. I’m so grateful I only moved 5km up the road after I got married so I can nip down home anytime I want to, the boys love it too!
Reach out on whatever platform suits you best, I try to respond to all messages within 24hours
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Meet My Four Handsome Men (yes I’m biased, but I love them with all my heart and rightly so)

John my husband. We met many moons ago, but didn’t officially get together until 2009, we have had so many adventures and fun times together and I look forward to creating many more magical memories with him and our boys.

Aaron is my eldest wee man! He was born Sept 2015. He is turning into the most comical wee farmer I’ve ever met ha, the expressions he uses, I don’t know where he gets them! He has the biggest love of animals and all things nature, he could spend every waking hour outdoors ‘working’ and has the biggest heart, always wanting to help others. He is the kind of friend everyone should have in their circle.

Caolan is my second boy. He was born Sept 2016. Did you ever hear the saying, ‘your first child doesn’t prepare you for your wild child’? That is so true here! Even though Caolan is a sensitive soul, he is a wee character, always has a glint in his eyes and has the cutest dimple that makes his innocent wee face just too adorable to get cross at lol.

Jamie is my baby, well being a whopping 10lb 7oz when born in Oct 2018, he never really did seem to have that newborn stage haha but he came into the world with lamenting, with drama, with full determination and hasn’t changed since! His first 2 years were very difficult for me which I’ll get into from time to time but he is honestly the funniest, cleverest and most independent wee man and he has definitely been here before, that’s for sure.

When I asked God for a man who’d love me forever, he blessed me with four, I’m one very lucky lady!
Not often they wear shirts and jeans but we do like to get dressed up from time to time and make ourselves look ‘handsome’
We really live in the most beautiful part of the world and we love adventures
Left is me pre-pregnancy ~ Right is me after my boys when I made some lifestyle changes that didn’t just impact my weight but have helped transform my health and happiness.

I love connecting with other Mums, so feel free to message me and let’s get to know each other a bit more

I love learning and passing on what I hear, if you have value to offer on this page I’d love to hear about it, together we can achieve great things x

Although I’m an introvert, I’m an open book when I get into a conversation with someone, what you see is what you get, I like to keep things real!

My biggest dream in life

Becoming a Mum has always been my biggest aspiration in life. Sure I had other dreams and goals but nothing outweighed that one! You might be able to imagine how I felt then when I started to try for a baby and it wasn’t happening for us. I was stressed, emotional, hurt, scared, anxious, annoyed, I used to be so cross every month my period arrived or when I got a negative test (my cycles ranged like 27-37 days so many months I tested just to be sure!), I went through medical treatment injecting myself daily and tried various things like ovulation sticks, napro, fertility liquids, eating pumpkin seeds, the list goes on, until I was told about this amazing reflexologist who sorted my cycles and 3 months later I found out I was expecting our first baby! From that day to this, no matter how crazy life is, how bad a day we are having, how much crying and fighting they’re doing, how little sleep we get, I am forever grateful that I was blessed with my boys. You might think otherwise from some of my blogs but that’s why I wanted to clear this up now before I begin. It’s the most wonderful journey but it’s also the hardest, everyday I’m winging it, there are no parent manuals, no 2 days are ever the same and no 2 babies are ever the same. With each new stage and age, along comes a new thing to try figure out but you know what I’ve realised this past few years..working on me, spending time on me, growing me, doing things for me, that has been the biggest game changer of all because if I’m forever striving for progress and working on being the best version of me then I’m gonna be better able to handle whatever else comes my way. In my blogs I’ll pop in things I do and use to help me do this and I promise if you embrace the self love journey you’ll see and feel the change too x

I absolutely love attending parties and events from time to time but I always stick close to those I’m attending it with, many don’t realise this but I’m incredibly backward and shy so if I don’t know you well, I’ll probably not talk or get red and flustered lol, it’s not because I’m stuck up or don’t want to, it’s just my nature and I’m working on it!
My Number 1 Tip Of All Time Is To Stay In Your Own Lane, ALWAYS!!

Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. Comparison is the thief of all joy. Don’t look left, don’t look right, keep looking straight ahead. You’re in your own lane, embrace it and enjoy it! When you try to go into someone else’s lane you get lost, you not only may lose your identity, your path will also get mixed up and you’ll have no idea where you’re going or why! You’re not in competition with anyone except the person you used to be and no matter what it looks like, not one single person on this Earth has all their shit together so don’t be fooled into thinking they do!! Remember they might be able to put on a good show but if you’re in your lane you ain’t got time to be watching their performance because you’re too busy creating your own! Life is to short to be anything but happy so if you can work on yourself and always tip that scale at 51% you’re winning. Success is not a final destination, success is progress, striving for 1% progress daily is 365% progress by the end of the year. No matter what is happening right now, you will get through this, keep going!

It’s ok to be a work in progress but still loving yourself for where you’re at right now is crucial, if you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you too, look in the mirror everyday and say to yourself ‘ I love you’ it will probably make you laugh the first few times but that’s ok, keep doing it, repetition is key for everything.
Where focus goes, energy flows, let’s work together to keep our thoughts in check, when we get a thought from one of the above flowerpots, let’s flick the switch quickly to one of love and gratitude

When things change inside you, things change around you

How true is this lol
‘This is life for me right now’

My amazing life coach (Life coaching with Lisa Hutchinson) said to me when I start to stress about things not going to plan with the kids or I’m getting little sleep etc, to say those 7 words to myself and I can honestly tell you it has helped calm my mind and soul. I don’t stress and worry or speak to myself so negatively anymore. Sometimes we don’t appreciate where we are right now in this very moment so I encourage you to get out a sheet of paper and write down 3 wins you’ve had this week and 3 things you’re grateful for and I bet you’ll instantly feel your heart and spirits lift.


I honestly believe it’s an Irish thing, we are not good at taking compliments but did you know that when you don’t accept a compliment it’s actually seen as rude? That made me change and now I always reply with thank you even if I agree with it or not because if someone has gone out of their way to compliment me then I do appreciate them and what they’ve said!
Only we can control how we feel, life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it, we need to create our own happiness
Living in our own bubbles

I used to be the BIGGEST worrier, I mean I worried about everything, everywhere and everyone even if I knew them or not. I worried about things happening on the other side of the world as if it was happening on my doorstep! I was awful!!! When I learned to focus on only those things in my bubble and things that I can control, that’s when my mind began to relax, when my worries lessened. If it’s out of our hands then it should be free from our minds too. I’ll go into this further as we go along but really try and have a look at what you’re worrying about, rule of thumb is, if it won’t matter in 5 years then don’t let it bother you for more than 5 minutes. This takes practice but it is possible to do!

I’ll go into affirmations at certain points but the words ‘I am’ are so very powerful we need to be careful of what words come after that, try repeating the affirmations above 3 days a time for a month and see if you notice a change in your mindset.


Sometimes as mums we are so busy looking after everyone else we forget about ourselves. One of the most common things we sometimes do is skip meals or eat all the leftovers from the kids lol because we’re so busy we genuinely can forget. Not eating properly can affect our mood, our energy, our motivation and drive. If you feel like hitting that reset button reach out and I’ll send you through a free 10 day smoothie guide and/or a free 10 day detox plan that is sure to help you regain your energy and help you get back to feeling like you again x