Homemade Playdough

Messy but fun! Making homemade playdough was so exciting for the boys! We’d got the recipe from playschool. They loved to mix all the ingredients together and add in the food dye picking the colour of their choice. Not only does playdough encourage creativity, it also enhances hand eye co-ordination, develops fine motor skills, can support literacy and numeracy and social skills. Playdough can be a really calming activity for children unless they’re like my youngest I haven’t found anything to calm him yet lol. He likes to make a complete mess and throw the Playdough and all the pieces everywhere so we run out of Playdough pots pretty quick here if we’ve missed pieces that he’s thrown and they’ve dried up lol so I’m glad now I know how to make it too! I love using Playdough for story telling let the kids make the story and present it to you using the Playdough as their characters, props etc, we do role play eg they’d make ice cream Playdough or chips etc and I’d be their customer. I love kids using their imagination it’s something we do everyday here. I’ll pop up a blog on imagination really soon with loads of ideas for you to try with kids and why I feel it’s so important not just for kids but for us adults as well. In the meantime here is some other really awesome Playdough ideas I found on Pinterest if you’d like to check them out. Also below I’ve popped up the recipe we got from Playschool to make your own dough x


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