What’s Missing?

So today as we were playing Lego duplo I decided to incorporate the ‘what’s missing’ game, this is a fun memory game you can do anywhere and with anything.

It’s where you;

Place items on a table or tray.

Use objects the child knows or name the things to make sure he/she knows the names of all the things. 

You then get the child to close their eyes and you remove one of the items so it’s no longer in child’s view.

Ask the child then to open their eyes and name the missing item. 

Take turns with this letting them hide the items from you also, they’ll really enjoy doing that too. 

How many items you use will depend on the age of child and their ability to play the game, if it’s their first time to play, their developmental stage etc.

I’d recommend starting it with 3 items and see how it goes and you can build from there as you don’t want to confuse them or deter them from playing if they find it too difficult, as with every activity you want the child to have fun and although you want to challenge them a little to develop their problem solving skills and perseverance, you always want to ensure it’s something they can actually accomplish to build their self esteem and confidence in their own abilities. 

This game is great to develop skills such as memory, taking turns, patience and vocabulary to name a few but what I love is it takes only a few seconds to organise but it gives you sooo much quality time with your little ones as they really could spend ages at it and seeing the smile and hearing the laughter each time is so heart warming! 

Other places you could do this is;

At restaurants while you’re waiting on food to arrive play with salt, pepper, napkins etc

At shops while queuing, use a few items from your basket

At appointments, use a few items from your handbag eg pen, glasses, car keys

At the park, use leaves, twigs etc

You could literally play this game anywhere and keep them occupied and having fun. 

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Much love, 


PS short video clip on my Instagram/fb profile if you’d like to check it out and see my 4year olds excitement playing this game.

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